TOP 50 High Frequency GRE Words

pariah           an outcast
surfeit          abundance, excessive amount
enigma         a puzzle; a mystery
spurious       false, fake, not genuine
erudite         learned; scholarly; bookish
fervid         intensely emotional; feverish
lucid            clear and easily understood
opaque         impossible to see through; preventing the passage of light
placate         to sooth or pacify
precipitate         to throw violently or bring about abruptly; lacking deliberation
prodigal         wasteful; reckless with money
zeal            passion, excitement
abstain         to choose not to do something
adulterate         to make impure
apathy         lack of interest or emotion
audacious         fearless and daring
capricious         changing one’s mind quickly and often
corroborate         to provide supporting evidence
desiccate         to dry out thoroughly
engender         to produce, cause, or bring about
ephemeral         lasting a short time
gullible         easily deceived
homogenous         of a similar kind
laconic         using few words
laud            to give praise; to glorify
loquacious         talkative
mitigate         to soften; to lessen
pedant         someone who shows off learning
pragmatic         practical as opposed to idealistic
propriety         correct behavior; obedience to rules and customs
vacillate         to sway physically; to be indecisive
volatile         easily aroused or changeable; lively or explosive
advocate         to speak in favor of
nemesis          a powerful river, a usually unconquerable opponent
bolster         to support; to prop up
cacophony         harsh, jarring noise
deride         to speak of or treat with contempt; to mock
dissonance         a harsh and disagreeable combination, often of sounds
enervate         to reduce in strength
eulogy         speech in praise of someone
rescind          to cancel, to repeal
ingenuous         showing innocence or childlike simplicity
lethargic         acting in an indifferent or slow, sluggish manner
malleable         capable of being shaped
misanthrope         a person who dislikes others
obdurate         hardened in feeling; resistant to persuasion
ostentation         excessive showiness
paradox         a contradiction or dilemma
respite          an interval of rest, a temporary delay
prevaricate         to lie or deviate from the truth
venerate         to respect deeply
trite          unoriginal, overused, clichéd, commonplace

Enjoy the above TOP 50 GRE words. Just write a sentrence below in comment box using above words.

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  1. Alok says:

    “You would be considered a pariah if you don’t take this course”, said Julia to Robert trying to convince him to take the Philosophy course.

  2. hmmm Someone goes beyond the “Not writing any new sentence”.
    Thanks Alok,
    We expecting same from your peers.

  3. sudhir says:

    thats nice of u..


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